Her words changed the world.

Salons at Stowe History

Since 2008, Salons at Stowe has become a forum for lively discussion on important contemporary topics that concerned Harriet Beecher Stowe.

With every series, new topics are introduced and past topics are explored in more detail.  Invited Salon guests briefly speak about their experience with the topic and then the floor is opened for group discussion. 

The 21st-century parlor conversations are designed to inspire you to move from dialogue and debate to action on current social justice issues.




February 18 -- Criminal Justice Reform in Connecticut
Mike Lawlor, CT Undersecretary for Criminal Justice Policy & Planning and Iran Nazario, Compass Youth Collaborative


March 10 -- Race & Food Access
Grow Hartford Youth Leaders


March 24 -- Gender Bias in Juvenile Justice
Mallory LaPierre, Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance


April 7 -- Student Activists Speak Out
Tony Roy and students from Connecticut River Academy


April 21 -- Combatting Environmental Racism
Rev. Kari Nicewander, Immanuel Congregational Church; Pastor Steve Camp, Faith Congregational Church; and Sharon Lewis, Coalition for Environmental Justice

May 5 -- Redlining and Housing Discrimination

Jack Dougherty, Trinity College and Maria Cuerda, CT Fair Housing Center

May 19 -- The Case for Reparations

Woody Doane, University of Hartford; Stacey Queen, Amistad Center for Art & Culture; and Shawn Salvant, University of Connecticut

September 22 -- Separate and Unequal: How Do We Achieve Equity in Education?
Jose Colon, Hartford Public High School; Robert Cotto, Trinity College and Hartford Board of Education; Kate Busch Gervais, The Discovery Center

September 27 -- Food Justice
Special Salon at Hartford Farmer's Market

October 13 -- How Do Social Movements and Protests Effect Change?
David Canton, Connecticut College and Jeffrey Ogbar, University of Connecticut

October 27 -- Policing the Police: How Can Communities Transform Law Enforcement?
David McGuire, ACLU of Connecticut and Bishop John Selders, Amistad United Church of Christ and Trinity College

November 17 -- Creating Change: Arts & Activism
Julia Rosenblatt, HartBeat Ensemble and Chris Pressley, Hartford's Arts & Activism Fair





January 22
 -- Has Racial Inequality Reached the Tipping Point?

Rev. Henry Brown, Founder and Henrietta Beckman, President, Mothers United Against Violence; Aswad Thomas, gun violence survivor and student organizer, March in Solidarity: Never Forgetting Ferguson.

February 19 --  The Color of Justice
 Film & Discussion
Lara Herscovitch, CT Juvenile Justice Alliance; Michaelangelo Palmieri, Middlesex County Superior Court for Juvenile Matters; Cathy Jackman, producer/writer, The Color of Justice

March 26
 -- Women's Rights = Human Rights?

Carolyn M. Treiss, Permanent Commission on the Status of Women; Susan Campbell, author; and Kyle Turner, student, University of Hartford

April 16
 -- Unlearning Unconscious Bias

Maureen Price-Boreland, Community Partners in Action; Andrew Clark, Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy. Moderated by Deborah Ullman, YWCA Hartford Region.

April 30
 - Writing About Race

William Jelani Cobb, Associate Professor of History and Director of the Africana Studies Institute at University of Connecticut

May 7 - 
Thinking Regionally Part 2: Providing Greater Access to Opportunity

Dr. Xiangming Chen, Center for Urban and Global Studies, and Susan Dunn, United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut
Presented with Metro Hartford Progress Points

May 21 - 
What Makes A Family?
Anne Stanback, Director of State and National Partnerships at the Equality Federation and Dr. Elizabeth Rose, a historian with interests in women, children, and social policy, past and present

July 23  - Implicit Bias
Troy Brown and Isabel Alvarez Galeano, State of Connecticut Judicial Branch; Bulaong Ramiz, Wesleyan University; and Ken Barone, Institute for Municipal & Regional Policy  

September 10  - Unpacking White Privilege
Andrea Kandel, Executive Director, National Conference for Community & Justice and Dr. David Canton, Associate Professor of History and Interim Dean of Institutional Equity and Inclusion, Connecticut College

October 8 - Can We End Domestic Violence?    Presented with the Aurora Foundation
Karen Jarmoc, CEO, Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Garry Lapidus, PA-C, MPH Director, Injury Prevention Center, Connecticut Children's Medical Center/Hartford Hospital

October 22  - What’s Language Got to Do With It?
Robin McHaelen, Executive Director, True Colors and Dr. Evelyn Phillips, Professor of Anthropology, CCSU

November 19  - One Person, One Vote: Voting Rights 50 Years Later
Guests: Denise Merrill, CT Secretary of State and Dr. Khalilah Brown-Dean, Associate Professor of Political Science, Quinnipiac University






March 13
 -- Crisis on Campus: Speaking Out to End the Violence

Mary De Lucia, Sexual Assault Crisis Center, YWCA New Britain and Claire Capozzi, Women for Change, University of Hartford

April 10
 -- Thinking Regionally: Shared Challenges, Shared Prosperity

Presented with Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

May 15 -- 
Invisible No More: Youth Homelessness in Connecticut

Alicia Woodsby, Partnership for Strong Communities; Lisa Tepper Bates, Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness; Stacy Violante Cote, Center for Children's Advocacy.
Facilitator: Susan Campbell, Partnership for Strong Communities


July -- Coming Home After Prison: A New Reality
Rev. Jeff Grant, Progressive Prison Project and LaResse Harvey, A Better Way Foundation


September 18
 --Women's Healthcare in the Age of Obamacare and Hobby Lobby

Natasha Pierre, Permanent Commission on the Status of Women and Gretchen Raffa, Planned Parenthood of Southern New England

October 9 - Workshop 
Understanding Racial Micro-Aggressions

Dr. William Howe, CT Department of Education

November 13 - 
Children Behind Bars: Juvenile Justice?

CT State Rep. Toni Walker and Sandra Staub, ACLU of Connecticut. Sponsored by Christiana N. Gianopulos and Paul H. Butler.




February 14 -- Rethinking Beauty: Women, Power & Influence
Donna Haghighat, www.shoptimize.com and Mala Matacin, University of Hartford


March 28 -- Mass Incarceration: Segregation By Another Name
Maureen Price-Boreland, Community Partners in Action and Aileen Keays, Central Connecticut State University


April 11-- Have We Overcome? The Emancipation Proclamation at 150 and the March on Washington at 50
Victoria Christgau, Connecticut Center for Nonviolence


April 25 -- Cultivating Food Justice
Sarah Thrall, Junior League of Hartford; Gloria McAdam, Foodshare; Jennifer Roach, Summer of Solutions Hartford.  Co-presented with Connecticut Humanities Food for Thought.


May 16 -- Mental Health: Stigmas, Stereotypes and Solutions
Harold I. Schwartz, M.D., Institute of Living and Kate Mattias, National Alliance on Mental Illness


July 25 -- Workshop: Cultural Diversity Awareness
William Howe, Ph.D., New England Conference on Multicultural Education


September 26 -- Hartford's Asylum Hill: 2013 and Beyond
Representatives from The Hartford, United Way of Central & Northeastern Connecticut and Harwood Institute

October 24 -- Walking in My Shoes: How Can We Teach Empathy?
Liah Kaminer, Hall High School Class of 2014; Steve Armstrong, Hall High School faculty; and Julia Rosenblatt, Hartbeat Ensemble

November 21 -- What About the Kids? Incarceration's Forgotten Victims
Giselle Jacobs-Lawson, Breaking the Cycle and Virginia Lewis, Community Partners in Action





February 9 – Slavery in 2012 Connecticut
Officer Deborah Scates, Hartford Police Department
Polly Marston, CT Department of Children and Families


February 23 – Pollution is Harmful to Your Health
Leonard Lee, CT Department of Public Health
Martha Kelly, Connecticut Coalition of Environmental Justice


March 15 – The Call for Freedom Heard Around the World: Uncle Tom’s Cabin at 160
Katherine Kane, Harriet Beecher Stowe Center

March 29 – Women’s Wages Wanting
Teresa Younger, CT Permanent Commission on the Status of Women
Janet Bauer, Trinity College


April 12 – A Look at Uncle Tom’s Cabin
at NYC’s Center for Fiction and New York Historical Society
Roxanna Robinson, author and descendant of Harriet Beecher Stowe
Jane Smiley, author and descendant of Harriet Beecher Stowe


April 26 – Is Prison the New Jim Crow?
Dr. Bilal Sekou, University of Hartford
Dr. Kaaryn Gustafson, UConn School of Law


May 10 – Stereotyping and Bullying: 21st Century Style
Robin McHaelen, True Colors
Elaine Zimmerman, Connecticut Commission on Children


May 24 – Guilty by Race: Profiling in CT
Matthew Kauffman, Hartford Courant
Gary Holder-Winfield, CT State Representative


July 19 – THEM: Images and Attitudes That Separate Us
Rabbi Donna Berman, Charter Oak Cultural Center
Tokuji Okamoto, Our Piece of the Pie
Dr. Salome Raheim, UCONN School of Social Work
Rev. Dr. Michael C. Williams, CT Department of Children and Families


September 27 – Embracing the Emancipated: A Community Response
Rev. Dr. John Endler, Central Baptist Church
Homa Nacify, Hartford Public Library
Judy Gough, Catholic Charities


October 11 – Liberating the Spirit
Judy Dworin, Judy Dworin Performance Project
Beth Burgess, Harriet Beecher Stowe Center


October 25 – Can We Talk About Slavery?
Tom DeWolf, co-author, Gather at the Table
Sharon Morgan, co-author, Gather at the Table


November 15 – How to Fight Human Trafficking
Steven Ferraro, Loving Our Children
Tammy Sneed, CT Department of Children and Families


November 29 – Bullied No More
Catie Talarski, WNPR
Council Brandon, Student





February 10 –The Power of Words
Michael Kramer, playwright, author and journalist
Susan Campbell, Hartford Courant


February 24 –Training the Next Generation of Social Change Leaders
Michelle Cote, The Purpose Project
Camilla Marquez, Peace Jam Northeast

March 10 - The Evolution of Uncle Tom
Adena Spingarn, Harvard University
Jeffrey Ogbar, University of Connecticut


March 24 - Parlors as Subversive Spaces
Joan Hedrick, Trinity College
Michelle Noehren, Permanent Commission on the Status of Women


April 14 - Uncle Tom’s Cabin on the Stage
Alex Roe, Metropolitan Playhouse

April 28 – Girl Power is Family Power
Patricia Salner, Achieve Hartford!
Susan Lennon, Women’s College Coalition


May 12 – Why So Cheap? There is More to the Story!
Danelle Ragoonaanan-Storph, Project Rescue
Neil Patrick, US Department of Labor


May 26 – Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity
Deborah Ullman, YWCA of the Hartford Region
Joanna Zachery, Girl Scouts of Connecticut


September 8 – Great Expectations: Raising the Bar and Closing the Gap
Dr. Steve Perry, Capital Preparatory Magnet School
Chandra Robinson, Our Piece of the Pie
Jordan Carter, Congressional Youth Cabinet


September 24 – Is Your Race Bad for Your Health?
Dr. Lisa Werkmeister-Rozas, UConn International Center
Dr. Raja Staggers-Hakim, CT Commission on Health Equity


October 13 – Healthy Starts for Everyone
Grace Damio, Hispanic Health Council
Patricia Baker, CT Health Foundation


October 27 – Equal Opportunity for Small Business
Sue Hamilton, Hartford Economic Development Corporation
Chris Haylett, Fire-N-Spice


November 10 – Corporations Working for Social Good
Kate Emery, Walker Systems Support and reSet
Thea Montanez, Hartford Financial Services Group





January 7- Economic Empowerment through Art
Chris Baker, Hartford Stage
David O’Connor, Aid to Artisans


January 28- “Gee’s Bend” Hartford Stage


February 11- National Service: Can We Renew American Together?
Susan Dunn, United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut
Kimberly Silcox, Eastern State Connecticut University


February 25- Young People Making a Difference
Michele Cote, The Purpose Project
Pamela Trotman Reid, Saint Joseph College


March 11- From Spiritualism to the Internet: Platforms for Women
Dawn C. Adiletta, History Matters
Elizabeth White, People Digital


March 25- “Give me your tired, your poor....huddled masses, yearning to breathe free”
Andre Blaszczynski, Tunxis Community College
Robert Fishman, Connecticut Refugee and Immigrant Coalition


April 22 – Stereotypes, Name Calling and Racial Slurs
Davarian Baldwin, Trinity College
Woody Doane, University of Hartford


May 13- How History Helps Us to Understand and Better the Present
Elizabeth Devine, Hall High School and students
Dr. Eugene Leach, Trinity College


May 27- “Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North”
Katrina Browne, The Tracing Center on History and Legacies of Slavery


June 10- The Changing Media
Moraima Gutierrez, US Small Business Administration
Christine Stuart, CT News Junkie


June 24- Teaching Acceptance
Leigh Cogle, West Hartford Police Department
Eileen Hurst, Central Connecticut State University


July 8- Volunteer Vacations
Michael Brett, Habitat for Humanity
Matt Farley, University of Connecticut Community Outreach


July 22- Creativity and Change
Carlos Hernandez Chavez, Musician, Muralist and Educator
Judy Dworin, Judy Dworin Performance Project
Colin Haskins, Riverwood Poetry Fest


September 16- Banning Books: Who Decides?
Ramona Harten, Cheshire Public Library
Craig Hotchkiss, The Mark Twain House & Museum


September 30- Who Speaks for the Animals?
Annie Hornish, Connecticut State Representative
Carol Pirek and Gabriella Gonzalez-Wong, Hidden Treasures Adoption Center
Pamela Rickenbach, Blue Star Equiculture


October 14- Engaging Neighbors, Building Communities
Rev. Dr. Edward Hortsmann, Immanuel Congregational Church
Cary Wheaton, Billings Forge Community Works


October 28- Beyond No Child Left Behind: Education Update
Dr. Stephen Adamowski, Hartford Public Schools Superintendent
Claire Shin, Achievement First School, Hartford


November 18- Re-Abolishing Slavery
Jamee Herbert, Not for Sale
Kathleen Liner, Federal Bureau of Investigations
Theresa Flores, Survivor and Author




January 22- Dear Mr. President: An Open Letter to Barack Obama
Dr. Cheryl Greenberg, Trinity College
Guy West, Political Activist


February 5- Coalitions: Success Against the Odds
Dr. Adrienne Fulco, Trinity College
Theresa Younger, Connecticut Permanent Commission on the Status of Women


February 26- “To Kill a Mockingbird” Hartford Stage


March 5- Stowe Lobbying Lincoln: Celebrities as Activists
Dr. Eugene Leach, Trinity College
Duby McDowell, Duby McDowell Communications


March 19- Race Matters in 2009
Glenn Cassis, Connecticut African American Affairs Commission
Yvette Melendez, Connecticut State University System


April 2- Equalizing Access to Health Care
Filomena Soyster, MALTA House of Care Foundation
Jill Zorn, Universal Health Care Foundation


April 16- How to be an Advocate
Bernadine Silvers, Sheldon Oak Central, Inc.
Elaine Zimmerman, Connecticut Commission on Children


April 30- Poverty: Is the American Dream Broken?
Susan Dunn, United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut
Diane Randall, Partnership for Strong Communities


May 14- Single Sex Education: Is Separate Better?
Patrick Moore, Covenant Preparatory School
Katherine G. Windsor, Miss Porter’s School


May 28- Human Trafficking
Raymond Bechard, Ahava Kids
John Weiss, Project Rescue and Assist New Americans, International Institute of Connecticut, Inc.


July 9- Hunger in Connecticut
Gloria McAdam, Foodshare, Inc.
Jane Gottier, Westmoor Park


July 23- Reclaiming Hartford’s Neighborhoods
Tom Condon, The Hartford Courant
Ken Johnson, Northside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance


October 8- Can Apologies Correct Historical Injustices?
Glenn Cassis, Connecticut African American Affairs Commission
Kenneth Green, Connecticut State Representative


October 22- Is Prison the New Slavery?
Cordell Leighton James, Community Activist
Theresa Lantz, Retired Connecticut Commissioner of Corrections


November 5- Sheff v. O’Neill: Status and Future of Equal Education
Dr. Jack Dougherty, Trinity College
Wesley Horton, Attorney


November 19- Teaching Diversity
Rabbi Donna Berman, Charter Oak Cultural Center
Allan Wilson, The Discover Center





March 27- Women in Politics: Making a Difference
Susan Bysiewicz, Connecticut Secretary of State
Theresa Younger, Connecticut Permanent Commission on the Status of Women


April 10- Women in Politics: Making a Difference, Part II
Beth Bye, Connecticut State Representative
Eunice Groark, Former Connecticut Lieutenant Governor and former Hartford City Council


April 24- Human Trafficking/Modern Slavery
Krishna Patel, Smuggling and Trafficking of Persons Investigative Task Force (STOP IT)
Jane Rodas, Project Rescue and Assist New Americans at the International Institute of Connecticut, Inc.


May 8- Faith as a Driver for Social Justice Activism
Shelley Copeland, Capitol Region Council of Churches
Mary Lee Morrison, Pax Educare


May 22- Access to Healthy Food: Challenges and Responses
Jack Hale, Knox Parks Foundation
Carolyn Hoffman, Junior League of Hartord, FreshPlace Project
Jiff Martin, American Farmland Trust, Working Lands Alliance


September 25- No Child Left Behind: Arts and Culture in Hartford’s Education System
Eddie Duran, Kinsella Magnet School for the Performing Arts
Dulcie Giadone, Hartford Children’s Theater
Kelvin Roldan, Connecticut State Representative
Scott Shuler, CT Department of Education


October 9- Race, Politics and Gender Today
Dr. Stephanie Chambers, Trinity College
Dr. Daryl McMiller, University of Hartford


October 23- Hunger and a Sustainable Harvest
Marissa Cloutier, University of Hartford
Bill Duesing, Northeast Farming Association of Connecticut


November 6- Literacy and the Schools
Dr. Margie Gillis, Haskins Literary Initiative
Elaine Zimmerman, Connecticut Commission on Children


November 20- Literacy for Adults
Karen Theroux, YWCA Read to Succeed